How long is the life of true stone lacquer?

Consumers in the purchase of true stone paint, in addition to concern about the price, ask the most questions: 'is true stone paint can tube how many years?' The following wuhan aubeiqi environmental protection technology co., ltd. to explain the impact of true stone paint related factors and service life?

True stone lacquer serves as one of exterior wall adornment material commonly used in high-grade building, not only all respects such as security, adornment sex, cost performance have bigger advantage, accordingly, got the love of many capital abundant consumer, and traditional ceramic tile and dry hang stone material to have fallen by surprise in material of high-grade exterior wall adornment gradually. The service life of true stone paint is also very long, theoretically speaking, true stone paint can keep 3-15 years without external pollution, cracking, yellowing, fading and other phenomena on the surface. And the service life to whether or not to fall off mainly depends on the really stone paint sandblasting coating adhesion strength to determine. And the sandblasting coating after the correct construction can also ensure that 7-8 years do not appear and do not fall off.

But the service life of different grades of true stone paint is also different, low grade benzene propyl true stone paint use is low grade resin, its can keep in 3-5 years or so will not appear fading, huangbaiian, blackening, cracking and other undesirable phenomena; And high-grade silicone acrylic paint can be more than 15 years, and pure silicone acrylic system genuine paint can even maintain more than 20 years.

Of course, want to really stone paint so long service life, in addition to the purchase of good stone paint, construction plan and process is particularly important, and later maintenance and maintenance can also extend the service life of the coating to a certain extent.

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