Decorate season: how long does home outfit coating put flavour to move in ability safety?

The metope in the home outfit decorates the material that USES most when belong to coating mo to belong to, but coating contains a few toxic material in, cause harm to the body health of people, in recent years people realizes the seriousness of coating pollution, begin to notice healthy environmental protection to decorate.

Paint contains a colorless liquid with a special aromatic odor benzene, benzene compounds have been determined by the world health organization as a strong carcinogen. When the person absorbs the toluene of high concentration inside short time, dimethylbenzene, can appear the symptom of central nervous system anaesthesia, light person giddy, have a headache, disgusting, bosom frowzily, lack of power, consciousness is fuzzy, serious meeting appears coma, as a result breath, circulatory failure and die. Benzene mainly irritates the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract, often contact with benzene, the skin may become dry due to degreasing, dandruff, some allergic eczema.

For indoor pollution is generally derived from household paint or just finished brush the metope paint, etc., which means some pollutants in the coating is generally benzene and TVOC, for this type of pollution can adopt the way of ventilation, because these two kinds of pollutants of volatile period is relatively short, good ventilation conditions about a month to evaporate the two substances, ventilated bad about two months can be removed.

If only adults, open the window ventilation can be a month or so, if you have infants and young children or old man, had better more than two months, new home decoration is many homeowners to excitement and exciting, many homeowners are decorating always want as soon as possible after check in, but for new decorate decorate good house is containing heavy pollution gas, it has an impact to people's health, because after the decoration do not live in the short term, as far as possible to eliminate pollution can be placed in the room as soon as possible activated carbon packages, a variety of green plants (such as aloe vera, bracketplant, etc), filtration of air purifier, open a window ventilated.

Choose green environmental protection to decorate material as far as possible when decorating bridal chamber, so the harmful material that releases is about a lot less, air is basking in time to also be opposite shorter, the environmental protection grade of household is higher, basic one or two months can be checked in.

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